Tootjad väidavad, et metall on niklivaba, nii et saate nahaärrituse mured kõrvale jätta. Pange tähele, et see bänd ei ole mõeldud igapäevaseks kasutamiseks, kuna metallosa kipub oma sära kaotama. Ainus küsimus on see, et see on natuke liiga delikaatne.

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Patil, P. Office of Utility Technologies; Ohi, J. Center for Transportation Technologies and Systems The DOE Office of Transportation Technologies OTT is currently engaged in the development and integration R and D activities which will make it possible to reduce oil imports, and move toward a sustainable transportation future.

Within OTT, the Office of Advanced Automotive Technologies is supporting development of highly efficient, low or face slimming band arvustused emission fuel cell power systems as an alternative to internal combustion engines.

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Bydevelop and validate fuel cell power system technologies that meet vehicle requirements in terms of: cost--competitive with internal combustion engines; and performance, range, safety and reliability. Established inPNGV is a research and development initiative involving seven Federal agencies and the three US automobile manufacturers to strengthen US competitiveness.

The PNGV will develop technologies for vehicles with a fuel efficiency of 80 miles per gallon, while maintaining such attributes as size, performance, safety, and cost.

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To help address the critical issue of fuel and fuel infrastructure development for advanced vehicles, the DOE Office of Utility Technologies OUT has directed the Hydrogen Program to provide national leadership in the research, development, and validation of advanced technologies to produce, store, and use hydrogen.

An objective of the Program is to work in partnership with industry to advance hydrogen systems to the point where they are cost effective and.