Kahjuks ei ole need kontod hetkel Shoppas omavahel ühendatud. Also related to your heart rate is the Recovery program which tracks your fitness based on how quickly your heart rate returns to normal after the workout. Pakiautomaati tellites saate sama koodiga toote tagastada, millega toote kätte saite. Loe täpsemalt kontoraha kasutuse kohta siit: kontoraha-kasutamine 5. Built into the rail, the ball bearings ensure smooth seat movement. This rowing machine provides a versatile workout as it offers 12 preset profile programs, a virtual race against the computer and an HRC program, which when used with a chest strap adjusts the resistance to keep the user in the preset heart rate zone, thus allowing for a more effective workout and fat burning.

On the display you can also see the graphic profile of your workout.

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The inCondi technology allows you to sync this rowing machine with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and a mobile app. In the app you can control the machine from your mobile device.

The main feature of the app is that it enables you to record your workout data and evaluate them. Moreover, based on your previous results, you can also plan your future workouts. Do not hesitate to share your successes with your friends on social media.

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And if you are looking for distractions during your workout, just go to the videos page or start browsing the Internet! The rail is The wide ergonomic seat of high-quality PU plastic and adjustable footrests with tightening straps allow for a comfortable workout. Hetkel on parim võimalus ülevaate saamiseks e-posti teel info shoppa.

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Kuidas saan kasutada kogunenud kontoraha? Kontoraha saab kasutada Shoppa.

Kontoraha kasutamiseks pead olema Shoppa. Lisage tooted ostukorvi ja vajutage ostukorvis nuppu "Kasutan kontoraha". Seejärel näete kontoraha kasutamist, see lahutatakse ostukorvi maksumusest. Loe täpsemalt kontoraha kasutuse kohta siit: kontoraha-kasutamine 5. Kas ja kuidas saab osta kaupa järelmaksuga?

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Shoppa netikaubamajast saab ostes kasutada järelmaksu. Täpsemalt loe järelmaksu tingimuste kohta siit: jarelmaksu-tingimused 6. Miks ma oma kontole sisse ei saa logida?

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Shoppasse saab sisse logida luues Shoppa konto, kasutades FB või Google kontot. Kahjuks ei ole need kontod hetkel Shoppas omavahel ühendatud.

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Kui nt ühel kontol on kontoraha ja teisel pole, ning olete sees selle kontoga, millel pole kontoraha, siis te ei saa kontoraha kasutada, või peate vahetama kontot ja sisse logima selle kontoga, millel on kontoraha. Kui teil on meelest läinud oma konto salasõna, siis saate saata endale emailile meeldetuletuse, millega salasõna saab muuta, tehke seda siit: unustasin salasõna Sul on küsimus, millele ei leidnud vastust?

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Saada päring.