And what we got? Gosh, I had forgotten how difficult it is to live under the same roof with a man. Yes, the economic is going down and it's hard to cope with it. Seega, võib öelda, et ketogeenne dieet vähendab tõepoolest veidi söögiisu. Thanks to this is the bond between me and my sister getting stronger. The fight started cause of religion and I don't even blame the guy, who got aggressive.

She was so messed up in the morning. Tyred and sick. When I put my hand on her forehead and hold it there for a while, she almost fell asleep. It's so imprortant that she will have a good sleep. It's so hard. It really is. I love her, but sometimes I wish I lived somewhere else, far away from her.

The things she have told to me. It hurts alot. I thought we were good, that we get a long fine, that we are friends and then she just goes and complains how awful I am.

  1. Bad things only makes us stronger Very personal.
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  4. From now until the end of time.
  5. Polukullastumata rasvade juuste valjalangemine Mõned uuringud on näidanud, et kui inimesed jätke hommikusööki, nad tavaliselt tarbivad rohkem kaloreid päevas.

Children have so many rights and parents so few. Yesterday happend really disturbing incident. I had some minutes before i had to go to bus, so I went to a foodshop to just look if they had some good offers or new goods. When I hurried on the bus, the shopkeeper stoped me.

I felt so embarrased, humiliated. I think my face was red as Snowhites lips. She had no reason at all. I didn't even touch anything. I gave my bag and she searched my bag like I was some thief.

Search my pockets and touch my body. Maybe even do a x-ray just for in case I had swallowed something. I'm never gonna go back to that shop. And what's worst, the women even didn't appologize. These kind of things get's me so bad, that I usually cry, but I was holding it back this time. I wish I had said something to that mean woman. Come kaalulangus mary st, every shop has cameras and alarms What if I had took apples or sth with from home?

What would have happend? What if I had missed the bus because of them? What if I was in hurry? That's just so so so stupid. I told about what happend to my classmates who were also waiting the bus. They said that it have happend before too.

The reason why they searched my bag, was that it was big usual size, just a schoolbag and if I wanna go to a shop, I should leave my bag to cashier's.

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That's not normal, really. I'm gonna do sth about it. I promice. Noone have to feel themselves as thieves with no reason. I close my eyes and I can see a better day. Estonians as a football gangstas This is how it all started Now we estonians got very pissed off, even though our team is not that good.

Rasva põletamine joostes: 14 sammu (piltidega) - Kaalu Kaotama

In fact I think we have never been good in football. That's why I don't watch us playing. Hurts too much :D But this time our team have been a bit better and we actually won some games. Yes, we are so proud. Then came that game with Ireland and lot of ppl had their hopes up. And what we got? We got Viktor Kassai. It makes 2 cards in minute. Then got everything pretty wild on facebook. First "Viktor Kassai dislike" club or whatever that was.

I can't remember something more popular with estonians. Now it has over 30 likes there's á bit over a million people in Estonia so it's a pretty big thing. We don't like unjustice.

Then came pictures and wall post and all other stuff. Facebook was full on Kassai. People overreacted.

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Like "Now that Kassai gonna get". Gosh, I had forgotten how difficult it is to live under the same roof with a man.

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He's gone soon, so whatever. The whole family is together now and it feels weird. Thanks to this is the bond between me and my sister getting stronger. I love hanging around with her.

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I think that around her I act much weirder than around others :D Yeah, I'm so 19 years old. At least still a teen. I'm suprised about that feeling inside me.

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I really love him. I'm facinated, amazed, happy, happy, happy. That's the way it is with ppl who's in love. It's so ordinary, nothing unseen or unfelt, but gosh. I think about it every day and it gives me chills.

I don't believe in love at first sight. It's just first impression, based only on appearance. It wasn't there in the beginning. But suddenly.

Guess you learn to love. I ain't letting go. I'm waiting. No one can see it the way I do.

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Noone has to know, how it is. Yesterday when I came back from training, I met my dad in corridor. I was like a little child who got a candy. Daddy made supper. So cute! Even my sis sat with us. And they huged : Progress! Will I get him to accept the guy I love?

bodyrock fat burn challenge day 17

Hell yeah! In Estonia there just aren't so many different ppl. I'm sure he haven't even speak with a black person before. I'm intrested in one particular exemplar. On monday in school an arabic guy shocked us He got angry on his wife and got aggressive. I don't know exactly what happend, but the guy hitted his wife and those who tried to intervence.

Even the teacher got a hit. We have such a heroes in our class. All guys interrupt.

bodyrock fat burn challenge day 17

The fight started cause of religion and I don't even blame the guy, who got aggressive. He's a good guy.

Sa oled ajutiselt blokeeritud

Just gotta understand, that religion is tender theme and we gotta think before we say something. Especially about things that we don't know much about. Life goes on normally. I still love my school. I'm getting to know people more day by day. Today I talked with my new favourite.

He is so calm and sweet. One day when we had firealarm practice and everybody had to go out, he took his jacket off and gave it to his wife. It was freezing and he was on his t-shirt. Cute cute cute. I'm so happy, that I can have conversation with ppl in swedish now.

But I'm also happy to have my african girl with who I can talk english. I hate when estonias mostly those, who livs or have visited some other country they really liked fustigate Estonia. Yes, the economic is going down and it's hard to cope with it. Yes, the people in general aren't that outgoing, but that's the way we are. We are who we are.

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