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To date, there are only 15 chloroplast genomes published for the Florideophyceae. Apart from presenting the complete chloroplast genome of G. The synteny and genome structure of the chloroplast genomes across the taxa of Eurhodophytina was also examined.

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The chloroplast genome of Gracilaria firma maps as a circular molecule ofbp and contains genes, which are distributed on both strands hrm fat burning zone consist of 35 RNA genes 3 rRNAs, 30 tRNAs, tmRNA and a ribonuclease P RNA component and protein-coding genes, including the unidentified open reading frames.

The chloroplast genome of G. This chloroplast genome shows similar gene content and order to other Florideophycean taxa.

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Phylogenomic analyses based on the concatenated amino acid sequences of protein-coding genes confirmed the monophyly of the classes Bangiophyceae and Florideophyceae with full nodal support. Relationships within the subclass Rhodymeniophycidae in Florideophyceae received moderate to strong nodal support, and the monotypic family of Gracilariales were resolved with maximum support.

Chloroplast genomes hold substantial information that can be tapped for resolving the phylogenetic relationships of difficult regions in the Rhodymeniophycidae, which are perceived to have experienced rapid radiation and thus received low nodal support, as exemplified in this study.

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The present study shows that chloroplast genome of G.